14th PIKOM Project Leadership Certification Programme, 1-5 July 2013

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The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM), in collaboration with Business Technovise International (BTI), would like to invite you and your organization to the 14th PIKOM Project Leadership Course (PLC), 1-5 July 2013 session of knowledge and best practices sharing with practical course work, case study and group work. Join us, please sign up NOW as seats are limited.

Specifically, PIKOM PLC comprises best practices sessions of the 9 PM Knowledge areas and 4 Leadership aspects with emphasis on practical sessions covering CBT (questionnaire), course work, case studies (Project Experience Report) and group work.  It also offers 1-1 Review sessions as well as a personal  PPM Leadership profiling.  Most uniquely, there are also the Industry Guest Speaker Leadership Series sessions where the C-level Speakers share their personal “moments of truth” experience. 

What is PIKOM PLC 
PIKOM PLC is a Project Leadership Certification initiative. PLC is methodology- independent and is applicable to industries from all sectors. Organizations will benefit from sending their key personnel entrusted to make things happen to the course. The shock-and- awe approach has been left indelible mark to both seasoned and budding leaders, reaffirming best practices, opening of the third eye to hitherto areas thought of as impossibilities and stretching the mind to new frontiers of practice excellence.

Why PIKOM PLC & Who Should Attend
Regardless whether a participant is planning to sit for certification/re-certification or not, the way and manner with which an initiative is pursued by the participant post-attendance will be positively different! And the eco-system (the participant’s colleagues, subordinates, supervisors, contacts) will also benefit from the new modus operandi. The premise that the participant will now understand why 70% of initiatives fail and can acquire the knowledge how to be in the exclusive company of the 30% legendary make- things- happen leaders is a compelling business case. Take the challenge, register your best people for the PIKOM PLC course today!

Where & When

Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia from 1-5 July 2013 (Monday - Friday), 8:30am to 7:00pm. 

Submit the Registration Form to PIKOM before Monday, 24 June 2013. Both Malaysian- based and overseas-based participants are expected.

PIKOM PLC combines both foundation understanding and experience demonstrated in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (PPM). It benefits both employers and employees in a win-win manner. PIKOM PLC is a part of PPM Capacity Building sanctioned by PIKOM to build professional project managers and leaders. Many thanks in advance for helping us circulate the Registration form to your colleagues and contacts (ICT, business end users & other strategic services personnel) in Malaysia and Asia whom you feel can benefit from the course. 




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