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PIKOM Project Leadership Certification (PLC)

  • 16th PLC       : 20-24 January 2014 
  • 17th PLC       : 7- 11 April 2014
  • 18th PLC       : 7- 11 July 2014
  • 19th PLC       : 6- 10 October 2014

PIKOM PLC comprises best practices sessions of the 9 PM Knowledge areas and 4 Leadership aspects with emphasis on practical sessions covering CBT (questionnaire), course work, case studies (Project Experience Report) and group work.  It also offers 1-1 Review sessions as well as a personal PPM Leadership profiling. Most uniquely, there are also the Industry Guest Speaker Leadership Series sessions where the C-level Speakers share their personal “moments of truth” experience. 

PLC is methodology- independent and is applicable to industries from all sectors. Organizations will benefit from sending their key personnel entrusted to make things happen to the course. The shock- and- awe approach has been left indelible mark to both seasoned and budding leaders, reaffirming best practices, opening of the third eye to hitherto areas thought of as impossibilities and stretching the mind to new frontiers of practice excellence.


PIKOM Management Certification Programme (PMCP)

PIKOM has launched what it believes to be the first-of-its-kind certification for entry-level project managers in a bid to address the shortage of such qualified professionals in the country. The National ICT Association of Malaysia also hopes this move will encourage junior IT professionals and students in universities to consider project management as a viable career choice, besides choosing to merely become software programmers and/ or analysts. This programme is aimed at the entry level ICT professional involved as a team member of a project. This complements the existing Project Leadership Certification (PLC) which is for project managers with over 5 years of experience. 

The PMCP is conducted in two parts; the first will cover the foundation of project management while the second part will include the integration of all aspects of project management and soft skills training.

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